They did jobs for four houses on our street alone. That says a lot about the quality of their work. For our job, they were professional, quick, and got down to business with no goofing off. I recommend them to other people regularly.

I have been using them for about ten years. We use them for roofing. We have a 1910 Edwardian, which is a very difficult roofing job. They do an excellent job.

Everything they do is very professional, from start to finish.

We are remodeling an older house and have had many contractors come through already. Associated Builders has been one of our top three contractors. They have been helpful and responsive, with excellent follow-up.

They did a roof for me about fifteen years ago and then came back and did some repairs on it again in 2005. They were able to extend the life of my roof and I would use them again.

Concrete replacement and repair projects range from small sidewalks, driveways, slabs, and retaining walls to new foundations. With Associated Builders' track record of almost thirty years of successful foundation and driveway construction, as well as new concrete-building construction, we can provide the expertise to ensure your project goes smoothly.

If you have received a "Notice to Repair" from the municipality, we will submit a proposal to perform all work necessary to satisfy the City's requirements. Some additional considerations are curb cuts, driveways, tree root problems, utilities, and drainage.

Many foundations and retaining walls require waterproofing and drainage systems, especially on sloping terrain. Associated Builders is experienced in this area and can design and install French drains, trench drains, catch basins, and other drainage systems in new or existing constructions to protect interior space, minimize settlement, and avoid scouring and foundation failure.

For larger projects, we advise engaging a structural engineer to design the scope of the work. General contractors can provide more detailed and accurate bids when they work from plans prepared by qualified professionals.

Associated Builders has built a number of stepped foundations in challenging terrain, including several homes in Oakland Hills. In the active seismic zone of Northern California, it is well worth investing the energy to ensure that foundations, retaining walls and other structural work is adequately designed and built to meet or exceed design criteria. You will never regret protecting your property and potentially the lives of those who live or work there.  

Concrete Foundation and Crane
Hot Tub gets lifted into home after completion of concrete foundation.
Concrete Sculpture
Forming a concrete sculpture at a Park in Albany, California.
Retaining wall, decorative stone
Decorative stone facing on concrete retaining wall; underpinning of foundation for adjacent new construction
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