They did the best work I have ever had done by anyone in San Francisco. I was so pleased I even wrote a letter.

I have been using them for about ten years. We use them for roofing. We have a 1910 Edwardian, which is a very difficult roofing job. They do an excellent job.

Everything they do is very professional, from start to finish.

They did a sidewalk job for me. They were very efficient and I was happy with the work.

Associated Builders has managed and completed a number of successful foundation-replacement and garage-addition projects in San Francisco and the larger Bay area, as many foundations built more than fifty years ago are deteriorating or failing. The first step to replacing a foundation is to hire a structural engineer or other licensed professional who can evaluate the condition of the building's existing foundation. Many times significant foundation work overlaps with work required to add a new garage. Most often, the benefits of a secure garage and new foundation outweigh the expense and interruption the project entails.

Once a licensed professional has prepared a design, Associated Builders can provide you with a complete proposal for work required to realize the design. Keep in mind that these projects typically take between three to six months when beginning with a complete set of plans. Before embarking on a foundation-replacement and/or garage-addition project, you may wish to consider the following factors:
  • cost and duration of project
  • interruption of utilities potential requirement to vacate the building
  • shoring  and stabilization of existing structure and neighboring structures
  • streamlining permitting and inspection process
  • other addition, renovation or upgrades to building, phased or simultaneous

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