We are remodeling an older house and have had many contractors come through already. Associated Builders has been one of our top three contractors. They have been helpful and responsive, with excellent follow-up.

Everything they do is very professional, from start to finish.

I have been using them for about ten years. We use them for roofing. We have a 1910 Edwardian, which is a very difficult roofing job. They do an excellent job.

They did the best work I have ever had done by anyone in San Francisco. I was so pleased I even wrote a letter.

They did a roof for me about fifteen years ago and then came back and did some repairs on it again in 2005. They were able to extend the life of my roof and I would use them again.


Remodeling projects often begin with a particular problem in mind (“Our master bath looks like it was built in the 1960s and does not accommodate our needs”). It’s best to decide the scope of the remodeling project early on. For example, do you want to remodel just the master suite? Is it necessary to build an addition or extend a wall? Some projects lend themselves to a phased approach, lasting several years (“We will remodel the downstairs after the kids leave for college”), and others can be accomplished at one time. In any case, careful planning and design work will reduce project costs and help provide a realistic timeline for completion.


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